group yd987 launching

Shin Yang Shipping Corporation is pleased to announce that Shin Yang Shipyard has successfully launched Hull 987 (YD987), a 80 metre Navy Training Vessel at Shin Yang Shipyard Sdn Bhd in Kuala Baram on 7th July 2020 .

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy gave it recognition and acknowledged its local expertise and skills in ship building by commissioning it to build a 80M LCT training vessels.

Piasau Slipways Sdn Bhd, a sister shipyard of Shin Yang Shipyard was successfully built and delivered 2 units of Navy Training vessels to UAE NAVY in year 2013. YD987 was the tenth vessels awarded by the UAE Navy to us and Shin Yang believes that this cordial business relationship will continue to grow.

The vessel is now in the final stages of fit out, prior to delivery to UAE NAVY in the 2nd quarter of 2021. The launch of the YD987 was a significant milestone for Shin Yang Shipyard.

Present at the ceremony were Shin Yang Shipyard Executive Director Ling Chiong Pin, Executive Director Vincent Ling, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Captain Ting Hien Liong, Financial Controller Richard Ling.