We were incorporated in Malaysia under the ACT on 15 September 2004 as a private limited company under the name Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Sdn Bhd.  Subsequently, we were converted to a public limited company and assumed our present name on 20 November 2009.

img_ship3Our subsidiaries are principally involved in the provision of domestic and international shipping services with a fleet of 245 vessels.  We are also one of the leading shipbuilders in Malaysia. Inaddition, our ancillary services include the provision of ship repair and fabrication of metal structures.

Our business is focused on shipping and ship building.  These two business represent our core revenue streams.  Our two core businesses are synergistic aas we construct the vessels used in our shipping operations.

In support our core business areas, we also undertake ship repair and maintenance for third parties as well as our own shipping operations.  We also fabricate metal structures.  The skills set, equipment and materials required to fabricate metal structures are similar to that of shipbuilding.  Thus, the fabrication of metal structures is a complementary business activity for us.

Datuk Ling Chiong Ho is the founder of our Group.  Since the commencement of the shipping and ship building operations, Datuk Ling has been instrumental in the success, growth and development of our Group.

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