Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Berhad safety Policy recognizes the need to meet all legislative requirement and provide a safe workplace for its employees and contractors also committed to exceeding the minimum standards indentified by this legislation.

Health & Safety Policy

Realizing the hardships caused by accidents and the importance of the individual to the company and its success, our management is committed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all its employee and subcontractors.

All employees, including subcontractors and vendors, have an equal and continuous responsibility for maintaining and improving OH&S standards. The company shall:

  • Complying with all Government Safety, Health and Environment requirements and legal  obligations.
  • Ensuring all employees is accountable, responsible and involved in the company’s OSH  activities and performance.
  • Implement systems to manage risks, to identify, monitor and control hazard to prevent accidents.
  • Communicating OSH requirements to all employees, contractors and the public in respect of this policy.
  • Carrying out regular training, practicing development and continuous improvement on OSH activities.
  • Working with all government bodies, industries and research bodies to progress the development of OSH standard.

Environment Policy

Shin Yang Shipyard and Piasau Slipways comply with all Local Environmental Protection Regulation. We place utmost importance in environmental protection through education and training.

  • Our companies will strengthen environmental education and training to all employees, to improve their environmental consciousness and social responsibility to create and maintain a pleasant work environment.
  • Our companies will use environment technologies to achieve a Clean and Green Production Environment.
  • Our companies aim to prevent and control pollution, use energy, water and other resources efficiently.

Vincent Ling