Our Corporate Vision

  • To be a lean and competitive Shipbuilder, Ship Repairer & Integrated Marine Structural Fabricators and One-stop Quality Logistics Services Provider and Marine Engineering in South East Asia and beyond.

Our Corporate Mission

  • To customise Solutions for all Ship Owners incorporating the best of our experiences.
  • To deliver to our Clients their vessels safely on time and with consistent quality throughout our yards.
  • To develop capability of related industries and to grow jointly in capability.
  • To operate a Modern Integrated shipping and shipbuilding benchmarking for Excellence in providing Comprehensive, Innovative and efficient Quality services.
  • Adaptability to changes, and retain sustainable success and steadfast in health, safety, environment and quality value.
  • Committed to achieving Quality Assurance and Management through quality planning, improvement and control.
  • Commitment in preserving the Environment, Health and Safety of employees, neighboring communities and our valued customers.