SHIN YANG SHIPPING SDN BHD (Company no. 195874-H)
+ Operation area:  Malaysia (Domestic)

img_about_ship_op2The Shipping Sector of SHIN YANG Shipping Corporation Berhad began in the early 80s with only a few wooden tugs and steel hull barges.  Domestically, most of the vessels are used to transport timber products from the interior parts of Sarawak. Cargoes are also shipped to other ports in Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. Being domestic in nature, SHIN YANG Shipping concentrates in the transportation of loose bulk and container cargoes such as timber logs, sawn timber, plywood, quarry, cement, glue, lubricants, project cargoes. Car containers, timber products, light equipments, heavy machineries, vehicles, metal plates, steel products, flour, spare parts and many more plying Miri, Bintulu, Singapore and Port Klang on a regular basis.




SHINLINE SDN BHD (Company no. 312405-X)
+ Operation area:  International

In August 1994, Shinline Sdn Bhd, a member of SHIN YANG Shipping Corporation Berhad, was established to serve the img_about_ship_op5international shipping sector. It began operation in January 1995, marked by the maiden voyage of its first vessel “M.V. Melinau Satu” to Japan. The company also uses its vessels for time charter, container carrier and bulk carrier. Currently, Shinline with a total work force of 150 operates 5 ocean liners that call at various ports in South East Asia, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Papua New Guinea transporting various types of general cargoes including machineries, timber and steel products and many more to be shipped to their respective destination with speed and to the satisfaction of the characters”. The company is reputed to be capable of providing an excellent shipping service both on domestic and international level in the shipping hub of the region. With the strong support of the government in providing and maintaining the basic port infrastructure facilities, shipping, shipbuilding and its related marine field have contributed a lot to the growth and development of the State's economy.



THAILINE SDN BHD (Company no. 113191-T)
+ Operation area:  Malaysia (Domestic)

img thailine 1Another member company of SHIN YANG Shipping Corporation Berhad with a work force of 120 operates 7 ocean liners with total GRT of 25625 and DWT of 33165 to serve the international shipping sector. The company also uses its vessels for Time Charter, container carrier and bulk carrier.



Shown below are various shipping operation statistics that cover several location around the region and also details of our vessels and cargo it carries:

  • Domestic
147 Vessels 68 tug boats, 73 barges, 1 container vessel, 2 crew boats, 3 mini oil tanker.
Types of cargo Timber products, quarry products, petrochemical & chemical products, iron & steel products, machinery & equipment.
Local destinations Within Sarawak, Sabah, Labuan, West Malaysia
  • International
37 Vessels 18 cargo vessels, 7 tug boats, 6 landing craft, 4 barges, 2 container vessel
Types of cargo Timber downstream products, iron & steel products, machinery, equipment & others
International destinations Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan



Currently there are 245 vessels still in operation.  Below are statistic number of our ship currently active operating around the domestic, international and middle east region.  SHIN YANG is committed to grow its shipping fleet & move up the value chain of shipping.

Types of Vessels No. of Units
Tugboats 107
Barges 106
Cargo vessels 18
Landing Crafts 6
Oil Tankers (mini scale) 3
Container vessels 2
Crew boats 2





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